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The UWADCL is capable of calibrating the following low energy brachytherapy sources, or applicable well chambers utilizing them. All sources are calibrated in units of air kerma strength (U). For I-125, Pd-103, and Ir-192, each source model is a separate calibration point. The Cs-137 calibration point will cover most tube-type sources in the medical community.

For dosimetry information regarding specific seed models, please click here to go to the AAPM/RPC Joint Registry of Low-energy Brachytherapy Seeds meeting the AAPM dosimetric prerequisites.


 I-125 Sources


Model No.
Oncura / GE Healthcare6711 Oncoseed
Best Medical
IsoAidIAI-125A Advantage
Oncura / GE Healthcare9011 Thinseed


Pd-103 Sources
Manufacturer Model No.
TheragenicsTheraseed Model 200
Best Medical
IsoAidIAPd-103A Advantage


Low Dose Rate Ir-192 Sources
Manufacturer Model No.
Best Medical
Seed in Ribbon


Cs-131 Source
Manufacturer Model No.
IsoRay Medical
CS-1 Rev 2


Cs-137 Sources
Manufacturer Model No.
GE Healthcare
3M Tube
Nuclear Associates
Isotope Products Laboratories Tube


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Sr-90 Ophthalmic Applicators:
AAPM-Accredited calibration of Sr-90 Opthalmic Applicators by the UWADCL has been extended through Dec. 31, 2014. Once our accreditation has expired, the service will terminate. If you have an applicator you wish to calibrate, please contact Wendy Kennan at 608/265-9748, or by email at to make arrangements for shipping the applicator(s).
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Linear Accelerator Calibration and Commissioning


 This course is for medical physicists interested in learning the technical aspects of calibrating and commissioning a medical linear accelerator.

CLICK HERE for more information.


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TLD-based Linac Output Verification

The UWRMM is now offering an ADW Linac Output verification TLD service for photons and electrons. Refer to AppNote 10-01 for more information. This service is an additional selection on the RMM order form.

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TLD APBI Dose Verification

The UWRMM is now providing TLD dose verification services for APBI. Information is available in AppNote 09-05. The service is an additional selection on the UWRMM order form.

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Please ship all instruments to:

UW Radiation Calibration Laboratory
Room B1002, WIMR
1111 Highland Avenue
Madison, WI 53705-2275

Please note, we have updated our Service Request Forms, which are available on-line.

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Hazardous Materials:

HAZMAT-rated equipment received by the lab in non-compliant shipping containers will be subject to a $75 fee to cover the increased cost of providing HAZMAT-approved transport packaging and processing.

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