Current Research

Current Research
Project Investigator
An objective determination of plan class-specific reference fields for non-standard linear accelerator treatments Vimal Desai
Characterization of plastic scintillation detector response as functions of measurement geometry and magnetic field strength Eric Simiele
Delivered dose verification in small animal irradiators Natalie Viscariello
Development of a liver gel-dosimetry motion phantom for real-time image guided radiotherapy verification Charles Matrosic
Dynamic collimation in proton therapy Blake Smith
Investigation of the causes of acute hypoxia and their potential exploitation to improve the efficacy of radiotherapy Leonard Che Fru
Radiation therapy application of a novel dual-energy split filter CT modality for pancreas and liver cancers Lianna Di Maso
Determination of the Effects of Filtration on the Relative Biological Effectiveness of the Xoft Axxent Electronic Brachytherapy Source Autumn Walter
Development of a realistic mouse QA phantom for use in small animal irradiators Leah Turner
Determination of Fetal Doses From a Con-Beam CT (CBCT) for Radiation Therapy Patients Blake Benyard
Design and construction of a medium-energy free-air ionization chamber Emily King
Low megavoltage portal imaging dosimetry using a treatment planning system
William Ferris
Investigation of the thermal dependence of a commercial plastic scintillation detector system in photon and electron beams Reed Kolany
Characterizing-ptw-microdiamond-detector-orthovoltage-radiation Ahtesham Khan