Electrometer Repair

UWADCL Service Charges for Non-functional Electrometers
In order to provide prompt and efficient service, minor repairs or battery replacement may be necessary to calibrate your electrometer.  Examples of minor repairs include replacement of broken knobs, switches or connectors. More extensive repairs require sending the electrometer to the manufacturer or a qualified repair facility. UWADCL charges for repairs or battery replacement will not exceed $300 without prior approval.  These charges are typically added to the calibration cost.  By checking the appropriate box on the order form or reminder letter, the customer formally authorizes the UWADCL to perform and bill for minor repairs or battery replacement.

To avoid incurring additional expense, please charge and/or check your batteries and replace them if necessary. We recycle defective batteries and install a new replacement as required for calibration and normal operation, unless instructed otherwise.

Some high voltage batteries have been discontinued by the manufacturer. The UWADCL has a small number of discontinued batteries and will install them while stock remains. We strongly recommend replacing high voltage batteries with an electronic bias supply (EBS) from a service provider such as CNMC Corporation. http://www.cnmcco.com/services.html

As listed below, many electrometers will operate without the low voltage battery. If you own such an electrometer and always plug it into a wall outlet, we recommend using your order form or reminder letter response to indicate that you DO NOT want us to replace your battery if and when it becomes defective. For these cases, we will remove and recycle the defective battery at no charge.


A low voltage rechargeable battery is present but may not be required in the following electrometers:

Make Model(s) Comments
CNMC 1, 11B, 33, 1100, 1150, MK602 CNMC models require 15V, 0.8A power adapter for operation without battery; cost is $75)
IBA Dose 1  
Keithley 614, MK614, 35614, 35614E, 35614EBS, MK35614  
PRM SH-1  
PTW Unidose, Unidose E, Webline  
Standard Imaging CDX2000B, Premier3000, MAX4000, MAX4001  
Victoreen 530  
Wellhoffer Dose 1  

Disclaimer:The UWADCL shall not be held liable for voiding any manufacturer's warranty by performing minor repairs or battery replacement.