Low Dose Rate Brachytherapy Source Models

The UWADCL is capable of calibrating the following low energy brachytherapy sources, or applicable well chambers utilizing them. All sources are calibrated in units of air kerma strength (U). For I-125, Pd-103, and Ir-192, each source model is a separate calibration point. The Cs-137 calibration point will cover most tube-type sources in the medical community.

For dosimetry information regarding specific seed models, please click here to go to the AAPM/RPC Joint Registry of Low-energy Brachytherapy Seeds meeting the AAPM dosimetric prerequisites.

125I Sources
Manufacturer Model No.
Best Medical 2301
IsoAid IAI-125A Advantage
Theragenics AgX100
103Pd Sources
Manufacturer Model No.
Theragenics Theraseed Model 200
Best Medical 2335
IsoAid IAPd-103A Advantage
CivaTech Oncology CS10
CivaTech Oncology CivaDot
Low Dose Rate 192Ir Sources
Manufacturer Model No.
Best Medical Seed in Ribbon
131Cs Sources
Manufacturer Model No.
IsoRay Medical CS-1 Rev 2
137Cs Sources
Manufacturer Model No.
GE Healthcare Tube
3M Tube
Nuclear Associates Tube
Isotope Products Laboratories Tube
Electronic Brachytherapy Sources
Manufacturer Model No.
Xoft, a Subsidiary of iCAD Axxent S700