Posters 2006 - 2012

AAPM American Association of Physicists in Medicine Annual Meeting
CIRMS Council on Ionization Radiation Measurements and Standards
NCC North Central Chapter AAPM
IC3DD International Conference on 3-Dimensional Dosimetry
Year Meeting Poster Title Investigator(s)
2012 AAPM Dosimetric characterization of the CivaString 103Pd brachytherapy source Reed
2012 CIRMS Investigation of BrachyVision Acuros for Treatment with Varian Surface Applicators S Simiele
2012 AAPM The response of TLD-100 in mixed fields of photons and electrons Lawless
2012 AAPM Development and characterization of a three-dimensional film stack dosimeter McCaw
2012 IC3DD Improved implementation of Doppler broadening in MCNP5 Bartol
2011 AAPM Characterizing the uniformity of Gafchromic® EBT2 film response in a cobalt-60 field McCaw
2011 AAPM Measurement of a Cobalt-60 teletherapy spectrum using a Compton spectrometer Bartol
2008 AAPM Characterization of thermoluminescent dosimeter reader precision and artifacts Bartol
2007 AAPM Monte Carlo Study of an electronic Brachytherapy Source using MCNP5 and EGSnrc Davis, SD
2007 AAPM The Development of a New Radiochromic Film Protocol for Three-dimensional and Beta Dosimetry Meltsner
2006 AAPM DVS MOSFET Dosimeter Response to Kilovoltage Radiation Fagerstrom
2006 AAPM Calibration of CT Ionization Chambers in Air Kerma Length Jensen
2006 AAPM Determining the Air-Kerma Strength of Coiled Brachytherapy Sources
2006 AAPM Liquid Helium Calorimeter for Brachytherapy Source Strength Measurement Holmes
2006 AAPM Miniature TLDs for Use in Beta Dosimetry Holmes
2006 AAPM Air-kerma Based Measurements of the ElektaTM Gamma KnifeTM Dose Volumes Griffin
2006 AAPM A Novel Three-Dimensional Radiochromic Film Phantom for Use with Stereotactic Radiosurgery Units Such as the Elekta Gamma KnifeTM Griffin
2006 AAPM Ion Loss Measurements for a Large-Colume Free-Air Ionization Chambe Culberson