Posters 2013 - Present

AAPM American Association of Physicists in Medicine Annual Meeting
AAPMSCM American Association of Physicists in Medicine Spring Clinical Meeting
CIRMS Council on Ionizing Radiation and Measurements
IC3DD International Conference on 3-Dimensional Dosimetry
Year Meeting Poster Title Investigators
2014 AAPM Development of a Calorimeter for the Measurement of the Power Emitted From LDR Brachytherapy Sources Malin
2014 AAPM Interplay effect in non-gated dynamic treatment delivery of a lung phantom with simulated respiratory motion Desai
2014 AAPM Fringe Stability and Phase Shift Measurements in a Michelson Interferometer for Optical Calorimetry Flores-Martinez
2014 AAPM In-phantom detector response in a kilovoltage x-ray beam Lawless
2014 AAPM Experimental verification of a Monte Carlo linear accelerator model using a radiochrornic film stack dosimeter McCaw
2014 AAPM Experimental and Monte Carlo characterization of the 1 cm CivaString Pd l03 brachytherapy source Reed
2014 AAPM Flattening-Filter- Free bream quality correction factor detennination using experimental and Monte Carlo methods Wood, Desai, E. Simiele,Taneja
2014 AAPMSCM Surface dose effects of linen coverings for breast and chest wall patients Fagerstrom
2013 NCC Monte Carlo-generated investigations of percolation and single-hit models for GafChromic® EBT-3 radiochromic film response Rosen
2013 AAPM Towards a Spectroscopic Determination of Dose to Water Malin
2013 AAPM Characterization of a three-dimensional radiochromic film stack dosimeter for measurements of 6 MV photon beams McCaw